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Last year was the first time Tyler’s Gift operated in New York City.  We partnered with New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, collecting books for newborn babies-6 months old to be read by their caregivers.  Sometimes, the gift of a book is as comforting for a parent or caregiver as it is for a child.  To be entirely honest, I wasn’t sure just how many books I would be able to collect because it was my first time running the drive outside of North Carolina.  I was absolutely floored by how eager people were to help, and get involved.  

I was absolutely floored by how eager people were to help, and get involved.  Kendra Scott hosted an in-store give back event, with a majority of proceeds going directly to the hospital via Tyler’s Gift, Bandits On The Run played a show at 61 Local where admission was a children’s book, Mia’s Bakery donated a personalized cake for the event, Heatwise Yoga hosted collection boxes at both studio locations, and people from all across the city and the country donated books.

In the end, the book count just surpassed 200.  Two. Hundred. Books.  Given directly to families of newborns who had to spend their first holidays within the hospital’s walls.  The impact of this volume of collected books was felt by many, including my own family.  The gratitude is endless, and we are so thrilled to be able to do it again this year, even bigger.  


Therese, NYP child life coordinator


Niall Keane and Kara Hurley of NYP

Bandits on The Run

Lucy Manning (graphics)

Richie Walter 

Kendra Scott, SoHo

Camille Harris of Kendra Scott

61 Local

Mia’s Bakery, Cobble Hill

Heatwise Yoga 

Laura Toth (graphics)



61 Local Book Drive Event
Special Performance with the Bandits
Cake by Mia's Bakery
Book Donations Table
61 Local Book Drive Event
61 Local Book Drive Event
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