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Six Hundred. 


“In the end, we have counted over 600 books and they are continuing to come in. The entire department is overwhelmed with relief and joy.” -Ashley Gordon, NYP Child-Life Coordinator. 


I thought the 2020 book drive was going to have a low turnout, because of the extreme circumstances that everyone was forced to operate under.  But actually, it ended up being our biggest year yet. People remotely donated in numbers that I still cannot believe.

Last year, over 600 children’s books were donated through Tyler’s Gift to be shared by two branches of New York Presbyterian’s children’s hospitals. I was overwhelmed, immensely grateful, and incredibly humbled by the support last year. Anyone who knows me well, knows how important this charity is to me and my heart, and how much joy it brings me to be able to give back in even the slightest way. To be able to hold high the memory of my cousin, and to provide a small bit of comfort to hospitalized children and their families is truly one of the greatest honors of my life. 

There is no way to convey how thankful I am for the nurses at NYP, the people at @youngblacklit , everyone that helped out, hosted fundraisers on our behalf, donated, and supported Tyler’s Gift in 2020. I am sincerely blown away.

Now, let's do it again.

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