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Collecting new books for hospitalized children and their caregivers


In honor and memory of my cousin Tyler, every holiday season I collect brand new children’s books. The books are then delivered to hospitalized children and their caregivers in the week leading up to Christmas. Books are usually delivered to the tiniest of babies, to children, and to teenagers. A book may not seem like much, but to hospitalized children and their families, especially around the holidays, it means more than you can possibly imagine.

Last year, we donated over 600 books and received our very own section at the library at the hospital. This year, we can donate to the children, caregivers, and the hospital staff!

This year, I am partnered with two campuses of New York-Presbyterian Hospital. My goal this year is 100 books in one day, but please contribute as much as you can! To learn more, please click below!


Did you have a favorite
book as a kid? Do you
have a book you read to
your own child?
Purchase a NEW copy,
and help bring some joy
to these families,
caregivers, and children
in need.


If you would like to help with the events or the
collecting and organizing of books, please reach out! I
am always so grateful to have extra hands, especially
this year.


Our goal this year is 100 books delivered on the first day! Check out our progress above & check to donations page to learn how to donate a book!


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